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You may be wondering about the purpose of a front-end alignment? The purpose is three-fold—to keep the steering at the original manufacturers’ settings; to avoid inconsistent and uneven tire wear, and to assist in proper braking of your car.

It’s not a hard fast rule, but under normal driving conditions, a wheel alignment is recommended once or twice a year. However, this recommendation is flexible. If you drive often on particularly rough roads or are habitually hitting curbs, then you should probably have your car alignment checked more often. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed length of time that your vehicle will stay in alignment. It can be easily put off with a single bump of a curb or the jolt of a large pothole.

Is a wheel alignment necessary when you get new tires?

The mounting of new tires can be a good opportunity to address alignment – especially if your old, dismounted tires are showing signs of uneven wear. Getting a wheel alignment will produce proper tire wear and longevity.

Do you need a front or four-wheel alignment?

This depends on your vehicle, and whether there are rear adjustments available on your vehicle. If the front and rear alignment adjustments are possible, then you’ll want a four-wheel alignment. The price difference between front and four-wheel alignment services is not significant.

Maintaining proper car alignment, along with regular tire rotations, will keep your vehicle aligned within manufacturer specifications; will provide proper vehicle handling; and ensure optimum tire wear and longevity.

Money spent on a wheel alignment is money well invested in proper car care, preventative maintenance and vehicle safety.

Do you know how often you should get an alignment? Contact our ASE Certified technicians at Expert Car Care today for more information about our car alignment services and to schedule an appointment.

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